Umbrella organization

We’re a local council (one of many in DK) that facilitates a community portal where each local association has their own subpages with posts, news, events etc. All of those are at the same time aggregated in a common event calendar, common news feed, common email newsletter etc, covering all associations. Each association has their own content editors and control their own “space”.
Does Meeet support such use case now or in the future?
Thanks for a great initiative and product!


It’s not a use case we currently support, but I think it would be possible to add this feature.

The way it would work is that you would have a parent space for the council that would contain all the local associations. Each association would then be able to tag individual posts or events as ‘show in council’ and the parent space would then show those posts and events and indicate which association they came from. But the council would not have editorial control over the posts coming from the associations - they would just be displaying them.

Is that what you mean?

Hi Uffe,
Yes, that is essentially exactly what I mean. If you’re planning to pursue the support of this use case I’ll be happy to provide some more inputs and context. I agree with you that it appears to be relatively easily achievable and I believe that it could be quite a niche for Meeet. You know where to find me :slight_smile:


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